Here are the things the decentralized Dogen dev team is experimenting with.

0% slippage stablecoin swap built on dUSD and Dogen Floofy forked from the Yearn Woofy contract

Art farmer’s market built on BULLDOGE using dontbuymeme/ NFT farming contracts

AR battle game with Dogen…

Flipping pancakes doggy style.

When farming Dogen using Binance Smart Chain, we use Pancakeswap LP tokens, Cake-LP.

To make Cake-LP you take two different tokens and combine them together on the liquidity tab on Pancakeswap.

Flip the cake

Press “Add Liquidity” then add the two tokens you want to combine. Look for the token’s contract addresses if the token is rare pupper and then copy/paste it in as a custom token. Add it when prompted.

Introducing FLOOFY

Thanks Yearn for showing Dogen da weh

We like to think of ourselves as farming astronauts across a multichain diaspora striking deep gold veins into the heart of weird blockchain science in a permissionless alchemist’s kitchen.

But we’re really just a bunch of dogs on the internet.

Since fair launching on #DogeDay420, Dogen.Finance has progressed in leaps and bounds (no pun intended!).

Remember Dogen’s lessons of DeFi for doges:

Lesson 1: how to LP
Lesson 2: how to govern a DAO using your tokens
Lesson 3: how to capture airdrops and design new currencies
Lesson 4: how to…

TL;DR: $1M to DOGEN LPs and DOGEN holders

Dogen dropping BULLDOGE from the merkle tree

My fellow Dogens,

Wow. What a day yesterday.

Dogen’s first currency lab experiment was a supreme success.

BULLDOGE escaped from the Dogen Playpen onto Binance Smart Chain and quickly grew to a $1,000,000 market cap (that’s almost 3,000,000 DOGE!).

It didn’t start…

My fellow dogens,

I am proud to share with you the revolutionary fact that Dogen.Finance was the most active new DAO on the largest the largest token-based governance platform in DeFi, Snapshot, last week.

Last week was Dogen’s first week since launch. Wow! Such momentum.

inactive DeFi platforms

The Dogen Dogemocracy is thriving.

Dogen Finance

Bringing Doges to DeFi!

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