How to Claim your BULLDOGE

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to a dear friend of mine, Binance Smart Chain. It’s like Ethereum, but centralized!

To add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask (that’s our foxy friend), just select “Smart Chain” from the Networks dropdown menu.

After you added it by going “Custom RPC” then entering this:

Network Name: BSC Mainnet


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Ezpz. Same for adding Harmony, just with the Harmony RPC, and Avalanche. You’ll need those later in the Dogen Diaspora.

For now, here’s how to claim your BULLDOGE on BSC.

How to Claim BULLDOGE on BSC

Go to

If you held DOGEN or DOGEN-base LPs during the middle of this week, you should have airdrop waiting for you.

Connect wallet (make sure Metamask is connected to BSC!) and copy your address.

Boop the snoot.

After you boop the snoot, paste your address in the BULLDOGE claim window.

Confirm in Metamask.

Remember when you want to send BULLDOGE, BNB, or other tokens using Metamask on BNB, increase the gas limit.

Metamask defaults to 21000.

Increase it to make things smoother. I just add an 8 after the 2.

When you want to add LP on pancakeswap, click the abacus menu next to the timer icon.

Increase your slippage tolerance due to BULLDOGE’s 10% tx fee mechanism, where 5% is burned and 5% gets auto-added to LP.

Now you can claim your BULLDOGE and add to LP.

Why would a dogen want to add to LP?

Remember Dogen’s Lesson 1 for doges in DeFi: the value of LP.

Dogen Diaspora BSC farms are coming! Guess what the pairs will be?

BULLDOGE token contract:


Bringing Doges to DeFi!