Tripool farming like a true Dogen

So you want to farm like a true Dogen?

Maybe you found Dogen Finance’s Lesson 1 of DeFi for Doges quite straightforward.

Maybe you just get it: an LP token is a token that can be used as an LP token.

Maybe you don’t get it. Either way, this guide is for you.

A few days ago, the Dogen Dev, Dr. Dev, a blockchain wizard and mad scientist alchemist genius, released a groundbreaking new yield farming protocol: the tripool.

In yield farming farmers markets you’ll hear a lot of talk about “pool1” and “pool2.”

Pool1 is any pool with a LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens that are not the yield token.

Dogen’s pool1s were renDOGE-ETH, SHIB-ETH, HUSKY-ETH, SNOGE-ETH, etc. All the ones without DOGEN pairs. Pool2 is the pool with an LP token that includes the yield token, like DOGEN-ETH and DOGEN-renDOGE.

So…can we go deeper…into Pool3?


Meet the Dogen Tripools.

Tripools Tools

bDOGEN: 0x07064dcb0cc4F28f139FF86df0ae5656A0daD45A

BULLDOGE: 0xe71C62FC7197493b6e3634b861165bac548FCa5E

Tripool Formation Key

  1. LP1 (bDOGEN-BNB)
  3. CakeCake (LP1-LP2)
  4. LP3 (bDOGEN-BULLDOGE) 0x1283580b267d1aE846f88d9C9953810d13d2B39F


  1. Cake-Cake
  2. LP1-BNB
  3. LP2-BNB
  4. CakeCake-BNB
  5. CakeCake-bDOGEN
  6. CakeCake-BULLDOGE
  7. LP3-bDOGEN

Ez pz.

This is how we do in the Dogen Diaspora.

Keep an eye out for quadpools, cross-chain pools, and pools with funky rules.

p.s. If you are a true Dogen, join the 420 Club. Exclusive. Token-permissioned. The 420 club requires you to hold 420 million DOGEN in your bsc wallet to enter.

A special limited-time entry for 42 million DOGEN+ holders until the AUSSIE airdrop on May 14.

But can you get past The Bouncer?

Bringing Doges to DeFi!